July 30th, 2013

How To Find The Perfect Anime For You

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Typical cartoons can be boring and similarly drawn but Anime the Japanese cartoon format is accentuated and exciting. Anime is often action packed and exotic in its art and cartoons and this has lead people from all over the world to be attracted to the over the top characters and stories that the Japanese art form has created.

Characters in Anime often have accentuated eyes and body parts that make them stand out from typical drawings from the United States. The characters often have big eyes, Compare TV Companies, directtelevisionpackages.com, small noses, and large muscles. Women in anime are typically drawn with large (more…)

May 31st, 2013

Anime: Get Yourself Into The Action

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Anime: Get Yourself Into The Action

How To Get Inside The Creative World of Anime
First, it is important to understand exactly what anime is and where it originated from before you become immersed in this particular genre of cinema. Anime is short for animation and comes from Japanese film culture. Moreover, anime was exclusively produced in Japan for many years before it became tremendously popular throughout the world. It combines dramatic story lines, (more…)

April 3rd, 2013

Anime: Is It An Art Form Or Not?

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Whether or not anime is an art form is a question that has been long debated. Some dismiss it as being too commercial and therefore, it cannot be art. However, many others see it as one of the most interesting art forms.

It is unfair to dismiss it entirely. Whether an artist creates for financial gain or for viewing and appreciation, it is still art. Anime uses the already recognized art forms of manga and animation and combines them.

If two components are art, how can anime not also (more…)

September 30th, 2011

We Have The Top Resources For Your Anime Needs

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One of the top resources for all of your anime needs is a website called Project-Blu. Project-Blu specializes in Blu-ray reviews and they have also reviewed a large amount of anime on Blu-ray. Since Blu-ray is the top optical consumer format, it’s a no-brainer that anime will look and sound amazing on the format. Their website is extremely easy to navigate through. You can search for anime by titles in alphabetical order, category, reviewer, or chronological order. They are one of the few Blu-ray sites that actually put an emphasis on anime reviews. (more…)

September 26th, 2011

Find Your Inner Artist With Anime

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The Japanese art of animation, or anime for short, has developed a devoted following worldwide. In the Nineties, anime had only limited popularity outside of Japan. But since the 21st century, there has been a worldwide explosion of anime genres and titles. Anime artists are inspired by the many anime shows on television. Anime conventions are now held everywhere where aspiring artists can find resources and get feedback from other enthusiasts. Anime clubs, both in universities and online, teach the techniques of character design (more…)

September 25th, 2011

Anime: The Ultimate Entertainment Art Form

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The term anime applies to animated television and films from Japan. Anime generally has a different aesthetic than Western animation. Specifically, character eyes are drawn to an exaggerated, expressive size while the nose and mouth are of smaller proportions. Body proportions, however, are more typical of natural human shape and size.
The rise of anime really came in the 1970-s with the work of Osamu Tezuka who created the classic, “Astro Boy’ as well as other notable films such as “Kimba the (more…)

September 18th, 2011

Best Anime Comic Book Stores in the US

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So you’ve been using your clear internet to get the scoop on the latest in Anime but did you know there are some great Comic Book Stores right here in the US that have a collection you’ll drool over? Here are a few of our favorites that you should visit if you can
Krypton Comics – Located in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska, Krypton’s either really close to where you live or really far away but they’ve got one (more…)

July 14th, 2011

Forget The Manga This Is Anime

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Anime has become popular throughout the western world in recent decades. Anime fans may enjoy both mainstream children’s shows and obscure adult-themed movies. Anime deals with almost all genres: sci-fi, horror, folklore, romance, comedy, and historical fiction among others.

Anime may feature a variety of stylistic choices, but some motifs are almost universal. Many animators use a standard proportion system based on head height of the characters. There are also facial expressions, such as the exaggerated sweat drop. (more…)

July 13th, 2011

Anime: Dishing Out Entertainment For You

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For people who crave animated series, you cannot go wrong with anime. Anime is animation that originates from Japan. It covers a wide variety of genres, including comedy, romance, and horror, and it appeals to many different demographics, such as the shonen anime for young males and the shojo anime for young girls. While an anime may be classified as shonen or shojo, it is still possible to enjoy these anime no matter the age or gender of a person. Placing such limits will prevent people from (more…)

July 10th, 2011

Step By Step Tools To Create Anime

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Drawing your own anime can be rewarding, especially when paying homage to some of the most popular anime moves and television shows played on the internet and American television.

The first step to creating anime is to find an inspiration. Every famous anime artist has their own individual style. Even casual anime artists have their own ways of creating the facial features and body. Try drawing a few sketches to get started. Experiment with eye shapes, fabric folds, and body shapes.

A hard lead pencil is best for creating light sketches.I found some more information here. Then, make (more…)

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